Monday, June 12, 2017

Lead Exposure in Children Linked to Behavioral Problems and Academic Struggles

Researchers have found that children with higher exposure to lead tend to struggle more in school and get into more trouble than peers with lower levels of lead in their blood, adding to the growing body of evidence about the harms of lead exposure for children. Children can come into contact with lead from multiple sources, but parents and communities can take proactive steps to limit the harms caused by this toxic metal. People in South Florida locations like West Palm Beach, Miami Beach, Hollywood and Fort Lauderdale can hire top lead abatement south florida businesses to eliminate lead from its various sources.

Children and adults can become exposed to lead, a dangerous and toxic heavy metal, from numerous sources, including lead-based paints, metal pipes and soil, with serious repercussions for high levels of exposure. Lead exposure can cause mental deficiencies, poor concentration, gastrointestinal problems, problems with concentration, fatigue, memory loss, nausea, irritability, learning disabilities, joint pain and many other symptoms.

According to the new paper by researchers at Cornell University and Brown University, children who have higher exposure to lead in their homes and in the environment face more disciplinary problems and under-perform scholastically than their peers. These children tend to get suspended from school more often, and they score worse on tests and earn poorer grades. The researchers published their paper in the National Bureau of Economic Research in May.

To deal with the problem of lead paint and lead in soil, people in places like Miami, Aventura, Hialeah, Doral, Coral Gables, Cutler Bay and North Miami Beach have contracted with licensed lead removal miami firms to test for lead in houses, apartment buildings, schools, parks and other locations. Removing lead from areas where children play, such as parks, ball fields and playgrounds, can greatly reduce their risk for exposure.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Children can Get Exposed to Lead from Outdoor Sources

Children can get exposed to lead from environmental sources like dirt.
For people of any age, exposure to lead poses risks, but the risks are particularly pronounced for children. Lead exposure can come from contaminated soil and contaminated bodies of water, as well as water supplies, peeling lead paint and more. Children who play outdoors could potentially come into contact with lead from various sources. Playing in dirt can inadvertently expose children to hidden lead. Lead exposure can cause developmental damage to children, especially young children. Leading lead abatement companies in South Florida can help parents eliminate sources of lead within their homes, such as lead-based paints. Contact licensed lead abatement south florida businesses to get rid of indoor lead and to test for the presence of lead in yards and parks.

Recent stories from across the country about the prevalence of lead in water supplies and the dangers of lead exposure have made parents, educators and the general public much more aware of the harms associated with lead, and have prompted many people to take action to prevent lead poisoning. Fortunately, the use of lead in gasoline and in paint has all but disappeared, but traces of the past use of lead remain. Buildings last painted before the 1970s could very well have lead paint, and the lead from leaded gasoline could contaminate locations across South Florida, including in Broward County. Armories and shooting ranges in places like Pompano Beach and Fort Lauderdale may contain dangerous levels of lead dust. Businesses that offer lead removal broward services can help to identify and eliminate lead from indoor spaces and outdoor spaces alike.

Lead from any source can cause serious harm to both adults and children. Children can suffer comas, seizures and even death from lead poisoning. Lead can cause damage to numerous bodily systems in people of all ages, including the nervous system and the digestive system. Damage from lead exposure commonly affects the bones, the brain, the kidneys and the liver, among other organs. Young children exposed to lead may develop learning disabilities and behavioral problems.