Thursday, February 11, 2016

The Sad Legacy of Lead as an Additive Continues to Haunt

Peeling lead-based paint can cause serious medical problems if ingested.
For decades, industries subjected the American people to dangerously high levels of lead, a toxic metal that can cause severe harm to people’s organs and tissues and disrupt the development of the nervous system in children.

Lead existed in many places, finding its way into people’s lives in gasoline, paint, plumbing and other items and facets of life. Lead remained an additive in paint until the late 1970s and a component of gasoline until the mid-1980s, meaning many of us dealt with this toxic metal. Fortunately, the prevalence of lead has decreased substantially, but its effects may linger for decades as people deal with the consequences of lead exposure down the road. As people in the Palm Beaches and elsewhere have learned about the harmful nature of lead, many have taken steps to reduce the potential for harmful lead exposure. Residents, schools, businesses and others can hire businesses that offer lead abatement west palm beach services to test for the presence of lead in their homes, facilities and places of business; and to eliminate lead when possible.

Lead, like asbestos, became widely used before people recognized its dangers, and its use took a long time to fade away. Asbestos also remains a potential health hazard in homes, schools, workplaces and elsewhere. Some of the same businesses that help minimize the dangers from lead also offer asbestos removal south florida services to detect and eliminate this substance from people’s homes and other places. Asbestos can cause severe damage to people’s lungs and cause the formation of tumors years or even decades after exposure.

Unfortunately, history may not know the true toll of harmful substances like asbestos and lead upon society for years to come, but people can take steps to minimize the health risks for younger generations by hiring licensed and experienced abatement companies that deal with lead, mold, asbestos and other harmful substances.